Sunday, November 9, 2008

“The Idea of Contributing to Artissima with the Performance by Sabine Delafon" Marcia Caines

The most fascinating aspect of participating in the Sabine Delafon Coporation - SDC - in this context is because the performance, that is an evolution of the ongoing work that the artist has pursued on identity since the beginning of her artistic career, portrays a shift in her work from personal identity to group identity. Nowadays is this a natural evolution of many? Does it illustrate a trend in contemporary society? Certainly in virtual reality it does. In recent years the virtual space has witnessed the birth of boundless online communities, where individuals render visible their personal identity to adhere to groups and share with like-minded individauls ideas, habits, customs, beliefs and causes. The potential of this phenomena is enormous and boundless. In this scenario it becomes easier to obtain information, understanding and insight into an individual through their social network, interests and adhesions.
The lowest common denominator in this is networking.
The underlying strengths: knowledge and resource sharing.
As members of these groups can the qualities missing in individualism be compensated by a shared identity? Is this practicable in art?
Is it a provocation? A way of proving to the art circles that market rules don’t just apply, but have taken over? Can art prove its flexibility by embracing and releasing the shackles of such an elite and closed circuit? If so, can other resources provide the lacking components that condition market demands?
Same, same but different.

During the Artissima contemporary art fair, members of the SDC wear, by choice, a white T-shirt with Sabine Delafon printed on the front and visit the fair.

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