Sunday, October 24, 2010

Breathing, Talent Prize, 2010

Talent Prize, 2010, Museo Montemartini, Roma
"Breathing" (Attenti), 2010
Glass, Water, Formaldehyde
120 x 40 cm

Sabine Delafon risks and wins in the unsustainable lightness of being.
When creating this trasparent liquid sculpture, Sabine Delafon drew her inspiration from her love for collecting "snow globes", the dreamy worlds of Gozzanian memory. She uses water and formalin to concepttually recreate the habitat necessary for life and the chemical synthesis which permits its consevation. A very fragile construction. Fragile transparent glass balls, united in the attempt to compose a credible and harmonic portrait linking the right elements in order to exist and resist. But, Attenti (Be Careful!), one more or less and everything could collapse. lets hold our breath.
Nicoletta Zanella

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